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Minden Concepts, established in 2011, is a multifaceted Hong Kong-based restaurant group and catering service, serving over a million customers annually.

As a restaurant operator, we manage a portfolio of unique brands offering a mix of innovative and traditional cuisines, all delivered with impeccable service. Our chefs, dedicated to their craft, use fresh ingredients to create unforgettable dining experiences.

As a full-service caterer, we provide bespoke solutions for corporate and private events, aiming to exceed expectations with our carefully created food and top-notch service. We believe every event is a chance to create memorable experiences, and with us, you’re assured a partner invested in your event’s success.

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Yakitori Takagi


Professional Catering

As a leading contemporary caterer in Hong Kong, our professional catering team creates witty, tasteful, delicious menus that cater for a great variety of events from wedding banquets to corporate functions to private parties. We understand you want the best for your event, that’s why we could also happily work in partnership with other venues other than our own to deliver a totally unique event experience that is fit for purpose.

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